Admissions to Rose Montessori


Our Enrollment Process

We have a 5 step process for enrollment:

First, we will schedule a tour of the school with you. Here you will observe the environment, learn about the many features and benefits we provide, and we will answer in-depth questions you may have about the school and our approach to education.

Second, you will complete the application and mail it along with a $75 application fee to:

Rose: A Montessori School
3111 Westwood Court
Boulder , CO 80304

Third, if accepted, you will receive the acceptance letter. Enclosed with the letter will be be a copy of the parent handbook, a packet of forms to complete, and a contract to sign.

Fourth, you will return the signed contract, the completed forms and the tuition down payment.

Fifth, we will schedule an in-home visit a few weeks prior to the start of school to begin the process of attachment with your child.


Rose: A Montessori School