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"I honestly never would have perceived in my mind that we would meet someone that would care for our daughter in the same ways that my husband and I do.  I feel this connection with you (and Rose) may be a lifelong thing for us...or rather hope it will."

Ashley Broach - parent

The process of creating an intimate and exceptional authentic Montessori school for young children and their families required several years of forethought. Why was it important for me to birth this creation and share it with others? The answer takes me back to the support I had as a child in the family in which I grew up. The love and support I received from both my parents was truly incredible and as I am able to reflect on those experiences, the force that graced us most and was a benefit beyond measure to each of us, was my maternal Grandmother, Rose. She welcomed everyone in the house, shared all of her traditions with us, and especially supported my Mother, as it was no easy task to be a Pediatrician and raise 3 healthy children. For me it was knowing that a loving, kind person would be there that made everything seem possible and manageable. This is the support I want to offer the children and their families who enroll at Rose.

When I think of creating community with Rose: A Montessori School, I am brought back to the support I felt in each moment of life. The way in which our society has evolved through much of the United States is one of rushing, being busy. It often leaves us with a feeling of not having enough time to both do what we want and also to be able to do things well. It is a rare family who is gifted with extended family who live nearby. Raising children requires tremendous dedication, love, support, patience, understanding and energy. At Rose: A Montessori School, I work in cooperation with you and your family as your child’s developmental needs evolve. This is the beginning of a long lasting relationship as we welcome your child into this world and support him/her as she unfolds and becomes his/her full potential.

Ellie Willis - Director of Rose: A Montessori School




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