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This is a true joy in my life as a Montessori guide and early childhood education expert. I am entering my 14th year working with children from birth through 6, and the relationships I have developed from those experiences will be with me for life.

Consulting in the home

I work with you, your child and the particular dynamics of your home environment to optimize joy, respect and purpose for your child within the home. Some of the areas we cover are:

  • Setting up bedrooms that encourage independence and safety
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Toileting routines and success
  • Weaning from breast milk or formula to foods
  • Appropriate materials for your child at various developmental levels (infancy-6)
  • Creating places and spaces for your child within your home
  • Creating language rich environments for all ages of development
  • Strategies for your child to participate in the care of your home
  • Social Emotional relationships among siblings
  • Preparing a sibling for a new arrival
  • Assisting mothers and fathers in the ongoing process of attachment


Consulting with Schools and In-Home education settings

Montessori schools are most commonly known for their Primary environments (ages 2.5 - 6 years). The breakthrough comes when a Primary teacher (called a guide in Montessori) first experiences a child at 2.5 years who can enter the Primary environment that is already normalized. I have set up numerous communities for young children in schools and in homes to help teachers and families learn about what is possible with their toddlers and to prepare them to enter Montessori schools as "normalized".

  • Setting up Parent-infant classes
  • Setting up Infant Communities (12-36 months)
  • Workshops for teachers who work with young children (infancy - 3 years) to provide new materials and exercises for their environments
  • Workshops on material making and creating complete materials for your environment
  • Workshops on bringing joy, calm, and peace into your environment


Thank you for your interest. I welcome the opportunity to work with you.


Please contact me at: 303-882-5468 or



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