About Rose Montessori - Our History


Rose: A Montessori School is enjoying its seventh year. After extensive observation in schools throughout the United States, I realized there was a great need for high quality education for children from birth through age three. Not only were the preschools void of stimulation and materials that commanded respect from the young children, but they also lacked social and emotional programs for growth and nurturance. After 12 years of working with children from birth through six I was led to Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) where I earned both my 0-3 and 3-6 Montessori diplomas.

My family was fortunate to have three generations living under one roof for the duration of my childhood; my maternal grandmother was probably the greatest gift and resource for our entire family - parents and children alike. There was nothing she loved more than children and spending time with us! Her gifts of love, patience, kindness, gentleness, love of learning, song and dance, and wisdom and curiosity left the deepest impressions on me. In some way, I needed to provide that same support for families which I expereinced.

Although everyone knew my Grandmother as “Grandma,” or “Grams,” her name was Rose. The school is named in her honor. Each element of the environment has been created with her spirit in mind. When you come for a tour of the school, you will see it is indeed a “home for children,” with all the materials and tools they need for their particular stages of development, sensitive periods and abounding joy.
Rose: A Montessori School