About Rose Montessori - Our Mission


Rose: A Montessori School seeks to build and create a community for families from all cultures and economic backgrounds who share the mission to nurture the child’s innate desire to learn, discover, grow and unfold through exceptional Montessori environments, leading to a mindful, harmonious and respected child. Children are the future leaders of tomorrow.

We recognize that each child has a unique nature and blueprint, ready to unfold and reveal itself, and with that, the capacity to become a lover of learning.

We continuously offer opportunities for the development of a child’s inner guide, which inevitably develops character.

Our environments stimulate and our staff encourage personal, cognitive, linguistic, social and emotional growth in all aspects of our programs.

We know that learning is multi-sensory. Because of that our environment instills creativity and problem-solving.


Each child constructs themselves; we strive for each child to have positive self-esteem and respect by challenging them to explore and discover their many loves, strengths, abilities and talents.

We know that parents and teachers are partners, working in cooperation for the greatest good and highest benefit of each child.

We know that scientists are just at the beginning of understanding brain development from birth through age 3 and are committed to incorporating quality research outcomes into our environments.

Our long term goal is to develop individuals who become critical thinkers and problem solvers with the passion to become life-long learners.

Rose: A Montessori School is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation providing early childhood education. It does not discriminate in employment or administration of programs on the basis of sex, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, political beliefs, disability, sexual preference, or cultural heritage.



Rose: A Montessori School