Montessori Education - Planes of Development


One of Dr. Montessori’s greatest contributions to the understanding of human beings, was that from birth through adulthood, a person moves through a series of 4 developmental stages; she named these the planes of development. Each plane is different from the other planes and each also has specific developmental goals. Each plane is marked with sensitive periods where children seek out particular stimuli with such determination that they easily gain mastery of a new skill. Our focus is on the first plane of a child's development:

First plane of development (Birth through 6 years)

As scientists have discovered, children in the first plane of development learn about and explore their world through their senses. They examine every aspect of their environment with curiosity, delight and joy. Their developing minds are like a sponge and will absorb absolutely everything within their environment - language and communication, culture, mannerisms, movements, social and emotional cues, routines and interests. It is imperative that children learn in an environment that is joyful, loving, beautiful and fitted with materials that challenge and guide their intelligence to meet all their developmental needs. The environment for Parent - Infant and the Young Children’s Community at Rose are specifically designed for this first plane of development.


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