Montessori Education - Resources and Research



Suggested Reading List

By Dr. Maria Montessori

The Absorbent Mind

The Advanced Montessori Method: Volume One

The Advanced Montessori Method: Volume Two

The Child in the Family

The Discovery of the Child

The Formation of Man

The Secret of Childhood

Education and Peace

Education for a New World

From Childhood to Adolescence

To Educate the Human Potential


By Mario Montessori, Jr

Education for Human Development: Understanding Montessori


By E. M. Standing

Maria Montessori: Her Life and Work

The Montessori Revolution in Education


By Paula Polk Lillard

Montessori: A Modern Approach


By Rita Kramer

Maria Montessori, a Biography


By Angeline Stoll Lillard

Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius

Rose: A Montessori School