Montessori vs. Traditional Schools


Montessori Education

Multi-age environment

Freedom to move around the room

Individual and small group lessons

Self-correcting materials

Natural, logical consequences

Child-centered schedule/environment

Uninterrupted work cycles (2-3 hours)

Students self mastery of concepts

Emphasis on learning

Emphasis on individuality

Progress at individual rate

Observation-based progress reports

Freedom within limits

Multi-sensory materials;manipulatives

Experiential learning: when you give a concept, also give it to the hand



Traditional Education

One age (grade) in a classroom

Seated at a desk

Large group lessons

Teacher as the source of answers

Reward and punishments

Teacher-centered schedule/environment

Planned activities, block periods

Peer comparisons as tests

Emphasis on grades

Emphasis on conformity

Annual promotion

Graded report cards

Controlling environment

Textbooks and worksheets

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