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Education for Life

"Last summer I was blessed to meet with Ellie. My 13 month old son had been in traditional daycare for several months and I just could not accept the lack of curriculum, the un-prepared environment and caregivers. I then started to look for alternatives and came across the Montessori Method and became fascinated by it. Ellie was my inspiration. She provided us with summer parent sessions and that was invaluable! It was like awakening to an innovative approach to education that unlocks the immense potential in each child. Ellie prepared the school’s environment so meticulously that it makes you want to be there, it really entices you – and so the children. She has an AMI degree and is very well educated and prepared. What impressed me the most in Ellie is her beautiful heart and soul. She is gifted with empathy for children, she is very centered and ‘solid’. She is loving, and with her deep understanding of the child, she always has a word of wisdom to share. It is a person that you want your children to be with because, at this age, everything is learned through modeling. And what a great model Ellie is. I am now being trained Montessori. I have observed many schools and I believe Ellie’s school is the best, not only because Ellie is the director and lead teacher but also because she adheres to the philosophy and method and for the immaculate environment she has created. Below is a quotation from Maria Montessori on the role of the teacher of young children.

'...her direction is much more profound and important than that which is commonly understood, for this teacher directs the life and the soul.'

Rose: A Montessori School is education for life and what a noble role Ellie has as a servant to children.

-Daniela Mercon, parent

"There is a flowing passion for learning that is present at Rose Montessori. It is truly a unique and authentic environment. Throughout our daughter's experience at Rose she learned to respect herself, others and the world we all share. She now has a very strong sense of self. Her confidence and independence amaze and thrill us everyday. As we watched our daughter blossom we knew in our hearts that Rose was clearly the right choice."

-Ashley Broach, Parent

"I first met Ellie in the spring of 2007, when she worked with my son at Breckenridge Montessori School in Breckenridge, Colorado.  Ellie also worked with my daughter in a toddler program that she ran in Breckenridge.  My children have gone to Montessori school for 3 years now, and have never had as wonderful of a teacher as Ellie.  As a teacher should be, Ellie is extremely positive, yet firm. One of my children was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder while in her care.  She was key in identifying ways in which to help him through a typical day at school.  Some of her ideas included bringing him to school 15 minutes early, in order to allow him the time to adjust to school, get his clothes off, etc., before the other kids got to school.  Another idea she had to help him in the lunchroom with the noisy environment was to have him sit in special locations and give him extra time.  I would recommend Ellie to anyone searching for the right place for their child."
-Suzanne Allen-Guerra, parent

"We highly recommend Rose Montessori. Our daughter learned so much from Ellie in her authentic Montessori program. Ellie is a caring individual who is passionate about teaching children. Our daughter learned so many things at Rose including language, socialization, sensorial, self care, and a love of the outdoors. Ellie's small program was perfect for our daughter who had not been in a school setting previously. She learned what is was like to have a loving teaching and a new friend that was her age."
-Kate and Matt Kear

"Ellie's sensitive nature is a delight to my little girl, and her words of wisdom are a mother's dream. We look forward to playing with Miss Ellie every chance we can. Not only do I know that my daughter is safe and supported, but I also reap the rewards of creative parenting techniques and strategies. Finally, there is a safe environment for young children and a well of information for the parent. Thank you Miss Ellie."

-Kristin Savory, L.Ac., parent

Rose: A Montessori School